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Climate Change

Climate Change Supplementary Planning Document

The Climate Change SPD was adopted by the Council on 5 December 2013, and is a material consideration in the determination of planning applications. It provides detailed guidance for the application of Policies CS22 `Sustainable construction' and CS23 `Renewable and low carbon energy generation' of the Core Strategy. It explains what developers need to do to meet the requirements of the above policies. It is therefore an important document to help deliver the spatial vision and objectives of the Core Strategy, particularly in terms of leading the way in high quality sustainable development that minimises the adverse impacts of climate change.

Update to CS22

Following a Ministerial Written Statement to Parliament on 25 March 2015, Woking Brough Council is amending the approach it takes to the implementation of Policy CS22. The Council has written a guidance note setting out the updated requirements following the introduction of new national technical standards on housing. From immediate effect, all new residential development will be required to meet the water and energy efficiency standards as set out in the guidance note, which are now aligned with the latest Building Regulations system.

Information in the guidance note supersedes Section 3.1 of the SPD.

Please also note that the C-Plan Online Tool referred to in the SPD is no longer available. Applicants should instead use the Climate Neutral Development Checklist, and submit a statement setting out the sustainable design and construction measures to be implemented within the development, including the use of any low/zero carbon technologies. For new residential development, the statement should also set out how the water and energy efficiency standards set out in the guidance note will be met.

The other policy requirements of CS22 will continue to be applied including BREEAM standards, CHP networks and high total energy consumption developments.

This interim arrangement will be reviewed on the enactment of the Deregulation Bill and/or when the Government confirms next steps on the path to 'nearly zero carbon' housing.

You can view the Climate Change SPD by:

During July and August 2013 we consulted on a draft of the SPD. A Consultation Statement has been produced which reports on the methods used for consultation; a summary of the comments received; and a schedule of modifications made as a result of the consultation. A copy of the Consultation Statement is available to download here. A hard copy can be provided on request to the Planning Policy team at the contact details below.

We have also published the following supporting documents:

If you have any questions on the Climate Change SPD please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Planning Policy Team on 01483 743871, or at planning.policy@woking.gov.uk.

The Climate Neutral Checklist can be found here.