Woking Borough Council

Parking Standards Supplementary Planning Document

The Parking Standards SPD was adopted by the Council on 5 April 2018 and is a material consideration in the determination of planning applications. It provides detailed guidance for the application of policy CS18 of the Core Strategy, and defines the appropriate number of parking spaces to serve various types of development across the borough.

You can view the SPD by:

  • downloading an electronic copy of the document here;
  • by requesting a paper copy of the document (subject to a charge) by emailing [email protected].

The Council consulted on the draft of the SPD in April and May 2017. The comments received were taken into account before the document was finalised and adopted. A Consultation Statement has been produced which explains the methods used for consultation, provides a summary of the comments received, and a schedule of modifications made as a result of the consultation. The following supporting documents have been produced:

The Parking Standards SPD has now replaced the earlier 2006 edition.

If you have any questions about the SPD please contact the planning policy team on 01483 743871 or at [email protected].