Woking Borough Council

Appendices (detailed mapping)

This page contains the detailed mapping that supports the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) for the River Wey catchment.  Please note that these maps will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that the SFRA relies on the best information available.  Further information and advice on the SFRA is available from Planning Services.

Appendix A - Risk based sequential approach

Appendix B - EA flood zone maps

Appendix C - Detailed maps of river flooding

Appendix D - Flood depth mapping

Appendix E1 - Other sources of flooding - overloaded sewers

Appendix E2 - Other sources of flooding - surface water sewers

Appendix E3 - Other sources of flooding - foul water sewers

Appendix E4 - Other sources of flooding - combined sewers

Appendix E5 - Recorded flood incidents

Appendix F - The Basingstoke Canal

Appendix G1 - Hydraulic model extents

Appendix G2 - Modelled sub catchments

Appendix G3 - River defences