Woking Borough Council

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

In line with national planning policy, the Council has undertaken a Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) in order to inform future land use in the Borough.

The Council commissioned a comprehensive update of the SFRA in 2015. This consolidates and updates the previous assessments which were split into separate assessments for the River Bourne catchment and the River Wey catchment.

The update comprises of three volumes:

  • Volume 1, the Decision Support Document- this sets out the relevant planning policy and provides guidance for planners and developers
  • Volume 2, the Technical Report - this contains a technical analysis of flood risk from all sources and outlines potential flood risk management measures
  • Volume 3 contains all the maps for the assessment.

Previous Strategic Flood Risk Assessments

There were updates to the earlier SFRA in February 2012:

The original SFRA was undertaken in two phases: a joint study with Surrey Heath which focuses on the River Bourne catchment and a study that focuses on the River Wey catchment. The documents are available below

Bourne Catchment SFRA

Wey Catchment SFRA

Note that Woking Borough does not have any critical drainage areas.