Woking Borough Council

Social and Community Facilities Audit

To support the Core Strategy, the Council is required to prepare an Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP). The IDP sets out what new infrastructure is required to meet the levels of growth proposed in the Core Strategy, including details of where and when the infrastructure will be provided, who it will be provided by and how it will be funded. Community infrastructure is one type of infrastructure included in the IDP.

The Council has therefore carried out a Social and Community Facilities Audit. The Audit presents comprehensive information about the provision of community facilities in Woking Borough which will help to inform future planning policies. The Audit will also inform negotiations with developers concerning the infrastructure requirements stemming from a new development. Financial contributions can, in some cases, be sought for social and community infrastructure, where there is an evidenced need.

In 2011, community groups and organisations were asked to take part in this Audit by completing a questionnaire (available from the links below). There were separate questionnaires for community facilities and community groups.

Community facilities questionnaire (such as village halls, centres for the community, churches, schools)

Community groups questionnaire (such as toddler groups, dance groups, flower arranging groups)

It should be noted that the questionnaire also included information about a carbon offset initiative being implemented by the Council where local residents and businesses can offset their emissions through investment into local energy projects. The Council is looking to promote a selection of projects from across the Borough for local people and busineses to invest in.

Questionnaire responses cannot be kept confidential. Completion of the questionnaire or involvement in this audit does not guarantee receipt of any support or funding from the Council or developers. Community facilities are highly valued in Woking and, in hosting a wide variety of events and activities, they can greatly benefit our society. It is important that community facilities operate to their full potential and that there is sufficient provision, now and in the future, to meet the community's needs.

Enquiries can be directed to the Planning Policy Team on 01483 743871 or email [email protected]