Woking Borough Council

Infrastructure Requirements

Infrastructure Delivery Plan

As part of the work being undertaken to support the Local Development Framework, initially for the Core Strategy and lately for the Site Allocations DPD, the Council has prepared an Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP).

The IDP sets out what new infrastructure is required to meet the levels of growth proposed in the Core Strategy, including details of where and when the infrastructure will be provided, who it will be provided by and how it will be funded.

The IDP is a 'living draft', updated regularly as specified by policy CS16 in the Core Strategy, as and when new information becomes available. The IDP was first drafted in 2011, and has been updated in 2018 to reflect new information. The latest IDP also supports the emerging Site Allocations DPD by identifying infrastructure requirements that relate to specific site allocations, and to broad areas identified for future development. The IDP was drafted in early 2018, pre-dating the 'Regulation 19' version of the Site Allocations DPD. Appendix 2 therefore illustrates the change in reference numbers associated with the 'Regulation 18' (to which the IDP refers) and 'Regulation 19' iterations of the DPD.

The latest version of the IDP and its supporting Schedule of Infrastructure Delivery Requirements can be downloaded below (please note these are large files and may take some time to download):

The previous, 2011/12 version can be accessed below:

Early research

Research was undertaken to provide a strategic assessment of infrastructure requirements that have a spatial implication arising from new development in support of the Council's Core Strategy first submission. It should be noted that these documents are for historic information only, and have since been superceded by the IDP (above).