Woking Borough Council

Hot Food Takeaway SPD

The Supplementary Planning Document for Hot Food Takeaways provides detailed guidance to ensure that future Hot Food Takeaway development is of the highest design standards, does not create significant harm to neighbouring properties and does not lead to an over proliferation of Hot Food Takeaway outlets in the borough's retail centres and parades.

Public consultation on the draft Hot Food Takeaway SPD

A period of public consultation is was held on the draft Hot Food Takeaway Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) between Thursday 27 March and Thursday 8 May 2014. The comments received will be taken into account before the document is finalised and adopted by the Council.

What does the SPD cover?

The draft SPD expands on the design criteria set out in Core Strategy Policy CS21: Design and will specifically cover:

  • Over-concentration and clustering;
  • Highway safety;
  • Hours of operation;
  • Control of odours and cooking smells;
  • Disposal of waste products;
  • Litter; and
  • Crime and anti-social behaviour.