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Byfleet Neighbourhood Plan Progress

Byfleet Residents' Neighbourhood Forum Re-designation Application

Consultation 3rd September 2021 - 29th October 2021 

The Byfleet Residents' Neighbourhood Forum was established in February 2014 in order to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for the Byfleet Neighbourhood Area. Since more than five years have passed, the Forum has now expired and must re-apply in order to continue to be formally designated. The Forum has therefore applied to the Council to be formally re-designated for another five years in accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations (as amended).

As part of this application process, the Council is now consulting with people who live, work or carry on business in or around the area to which the application relates. The following documents have been submitted to the Council for consideration:

Application for the Re-designation of the Byfleet Residents' Neighbourhood Forum- this includes:

  • the name of the proposed Neighbourhood Forum;
  • the name and map of the area to which the application relates (Appendix A); 
  • a copy of its written constitution (at Appendix B);
  • an updated description of the membership and activities of the Forum (Appendix C)
  • a map showing the distribution of members across the Neighbourhood Area (Appendix D)
  • contact details for the Forum; and
  • a statement setting out how the proposed Forum meets conditions set out in neighbourhood planning regulations and legislation.

During the consultaion, this document will also be available at:

  • Woking Borough Council Reception – Civic Offices, Gloucester Square, Woking GU21 6YL (Please contact us at the details below to arrange an appointment to view the application);
  • Byfleet Community Library – please see www.surreycc.gov.uk for address and opening times.

Submit your comments

Having viewed the application, comments should relate to whether the Forum should be designated as a Neighbourhood Forum for another five years. No changes are being proposed to the designated Neighbourhood Area. If a designation is re-made, no other organisation or body may be designated for that Neighbourhood Area untill the designation expires or is withdrawn.

The consultation began on Friday 3rd September 2021. If any person wishes to make comments on the application, these should be received by the Council by Friday 29 October 2021.

Comments can be submitted by:

Email to planning.policy@woking.gov.uk

  • Or by post to: The Planning Policy Team, Woking Borough Council, Civic Offices, Gloucester Square, Woking, Surrey GU21 6YL

If the Council approves the application, the Byfleet Residents' Neighbourhood Forum will continue to deliver the objectives set out in its Constitution, and work on the production of a Neighbourhood Plan for Byfleet.

Further information is available from the Planning Policy Team on 01483 743871 or email planning.policy@woking.gov.uk


Designation of the Byfleet Neighbourhood Area and Byfleet Residents' Neighbourhood Forum, 2014

Woking Borough Council agreed at its meeting on 13 February 2014 to designate the area shown on the map below as the 'Byfleet Neighbourhood Area' for the purposes of preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan by Byfleet Residents Neighbourhood Forum, under Section 61G(1) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended). The Neighbourhood Area is not designated as a business area under Section 61H(1) of the Act as it is not primarily or wholly business in nature. The Council also agreed to designate the Byfleet Residents Neighbourhood Forum for the purposes of preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan for this area.

The relevant designation information is set out below:

  1. Name of the Neighbourhood Area: Byfleet Neighbourhood Area
  2. Map of the Neighbourhood Area: Map
  3. Relevant body: Byfleet Residents Neighbourhood Forum
  4. Copy of the written constitution of the Neighbourhood Forum: see here
  5. Contact details for a member of the Neighbourhood Forum: Mr John E Bond, 41 Mowbray Avenue, Byfleet, Surrey KT14 7PF. Tel: 01932 343351.

A link to the Forum website can be found here.