Woking Borough Council

Core Strategy Examination

Following the Council's submission of the Core Strategy Publication Document on 16 December 2011 an examination to consider the soundness of the Woking Borough Council Core Strategy Development Plan Document was held over five days between 20 March 2012 and 4 April 2012. The Agenda can be viewed here.

Following additional comments made regarding the National Planning Policy Framework and the Planning Policy for Traveller Sites (see below), the Inspector considered that there was no necessity for a further public hearing session on the Core Strategy Publication Document. The Inspector produced his report in July 2012, and can be found here.

The Inspector and Programme Officer

The Secretary of State appointed an independent Inspector, Mr. Andrew Seaman BA (Hons), MA, MRTPI to conduct the Examination and an independent Programme Officer working under the Inspector's direction was also appointed to be responsible for organising the programming and all procedural matters.

Consultation on the NPPF and Planning policy for traveller sites

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was published by the Government on 27 March 2012. Technical Guidance was published at the same time, which included further guidance in relation to flood risk, among other matters. On 25 March 2012 the Government published Planning Policy for Traveller Sites. All these are now Core Documents and can be viewed via the links below:

As a result of the above, the Inspector provided an opportunity for comments to be made on whether the NPPF or Planning policy for travellers sites materially change national policy compared with the policy they replace in so far as was relevant to the soundness of the Core Strategy and the main issues he had identified in the Examination. Those who made submissions regarding the Core Strategy Publication Document were given the opportunity to make any further comments. The deadline for submissions was 26 May 2012. Comments received (available to view here) were taken into account in the Inspector's deliberations.

The Council also prepared a topic paper on how it considered the NPPF and Planning policy for traveller sites affected the Core Strategy, which is available on the website alongside proposed modifications.

Core Strategy Examination Documents

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