Woking Borough Council

Draft Site Allocations DPD consultation documents

Draft Site Allocations DPD consultation documents

Consultation on these documents has now closed. The Council consulted on the following three documents between Thursday 18 June 2015 and 5pm on Friday 31 July 2015.

Some of the consultation documents are large and are therefore made available to read and/or download as a series of separate sections.

Draft Site Allocations DPD

The Draft Site Allocations DPD allocates specific deliverable sites to enable the delivery of the development proposals of the Core Strategy.

  • Introduction: This covers Purpose; How the Site Allocations are structured; Overview of Site allocation Proposal Sites; Identifying sites for allocation; How sites will bring forward the development planned by the Core Strategy; Proposals Map; Developing in accordance with the Site Allocations
  • Section A: Development and infrastructure sites in the Urban Area sites UA1 to UA25
  • Section A: Development and infrastructure sites in the Urban Area sites UA26 to UA52
  • Section B: Development and infrastructure sites to be taken out of the Green Belt sites GB1 to GB16
  • Section C: Land for SANG use within the Green Belt sites GB17 to GB23, Implementation and Monitoring.

All of the above form part of the following Draft Site Allocations DPD.

Appendix 3 of the Draft Site Allocations DPD provides a map showing proposed site allocations and safeguarded sites in Woking Borough. This map is also available in a higher resolution below. Please note this is a large file.

Draft Sustainability Appraisal Report

This is the Draft Sustainability Appraisal Report (incorporating Strategic Environmental Assessment) for the Draft Site Allocations DPD. It is a statutory requirement to assess the environmental, social and economic impacts of the Site Allocations DPD.

Habitat Regulations Assessment

This is the Draft Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA). This assesses the implications of the Site Allocations DPD on the European designated sites and species in the Borough.